Adding text to an existing templet

I have a document that was sent to me. I need to fill out and send it back. How do I add text to it?

Libre won’t let me edit the page.

Thank you ajlittoz.

If you are on Windows it might be blocking editing of the document. Save the document to a folder, right click on it and select Properties. Under one of the tabs, possibly security, there is a tick box that if activated, restricts use of the file, it’s probably labeled internet security or internet origin or similar, untick it

Proceed just like you would edit it.

If this answer is not satisfactory, edit your question to provide more details about the document: origin (Word .doc(x), PDF .pdf, LO Writer .odt, …), your OS, LO version. Add information about the document itself: is it a fillable form? A “common” text document? …?

Note that PDF’s are not easily editable with LO. Draw has a limited capability. Best is to use a PDF viewer.

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