Adding years to a date

This isn’t so much of a question, more a possible solution. I was after adding a year to the date in a cell, to mark the end of annual subscriptions, so that 15/03/2012 would become 15/03/2013. What I came up with, courtesy of the function wizard was:


Where K2 is the cell coordinate in my sheet. In a date-formatted cell, of course. I thought this might be useful to some folks, and I’m also curious about a simpler solution, if one exists.

Kudos to whoever put the function wizard together, as that’s a big help to folk like myself whose spreadsheet skills are a bit rusty.

Maybe it is easy the function (according with the help):
The result is a date which is a number of months away from the start date. Only months are considered; days are not used for calculation.
EDATE(StartDate; Months)
StartDate is a date.
Months is the number of months before (negative) or after (positive) the start date.
What date is one month prior to 3.31.2001?
=EDATE(3.31.2001;-1) returns 2.28.2001.

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So for instance, subscription date in A3, Ending date in B3 with the formula =edate(A3,24) for a two year subscription. of course you could also have a length of subscription cell with a companion cell that converted it to months and use that in the place of the “24”.