Additional page numbers when line numbering is on

When I turn on line number in Libre Office (v6.4.7.2) page numbers appear in the right hand side of the footer. These are in addition to page numbers already added using Insert/Page Number. How do I remove these additional page numbers?

Probably the footer is formatted in the same paragraph style as your text is. Use another paragraph style for the footer and de-select line numbering in it.

If this is no satisfactory answer so please upload a sample file…

Thanks. I didn’t realise line numbering could be formatted at that level. Clicking on the footer and then Format/Paragraph/Outline&Numbering, and then checking the line numbering box fixed it.

This is not the correct way to handle it. You should learn how to use at least paragraph styles. Read the Writer Guide for an introduction.

In a default document the footer is already styled with Footer paragraph style. Footer inherits its style from Header and Footer, the default for Header and Footer paragraph style is to NOT Include this paragraph in line numbering and this is inherited by Footer. I guess the document came from Word where styles are poorly developed.

The answer then was to change the paragraph style to Footer and then modify that style to match the existing. However there should not be much to modify as Header and Footer inherits from Default Paragraph (origin of all paragraph styles) as does Text Body

As an addition to the Writer Guide, it can be instructive to open a new document and then open Styles in the sidebar and inspect different styles by right-clicking on them, selecting Modify, and reading the Organiser tab.

The cause may also be a faulty modification of Default Paragraph Style. As @EarnestAl explains, this style is the ancestor of all others. They all inherit from it. If line numbering was added there, it is enabled everywhere.

A common error when transitioning from Word to Writer is a confusion on styles. In Word, Default Style is supposed to be the style for “ordinary” text. In Writer, this is the role of Text Body. Default Paragraph Style is intended to define shared attributes over the whole document (e.g. to select your preferred font face, text language, …) and should not be used for any text.