Addresses are automatically filled

I send a lot of letters to a lot of people. Is there a way so that when I type the name of the person, his address will be automatically be generated? I presume that you can do this with the insert database field? Can you? and if so, how would I go about it. thanks…

@Ibelin123 When posting questions/answers, please do not check post as wiki selection as it helps no one.

sorry did not know about that. thanks for pointing it out.


You can insert database data (names & address in your example) by using mail merge and a database. See the LO documentation for use → LibreOffice Writer Guide. See Chapter 14 - Mail Merge.

To accomplish what is stated in the question, type name & address is filled in, would require coding of macros specific to your situation. This is not practical as the name may easily be entered incorrectly compared to what is stored and actually end up causing more work than using mail merge.

I will check this out. Thank you.