Adjust border colour in writer table without affecting thicknesses?

Hi everyone, I have a table in writer consisting of cells with a variety of border widths and want to change the colour of all the borders without affecting these widths, however I am not sure whether or not this is possible as when I change the colour the border width is also changed to whatever is entered into the “border width” section under Table > Properties > Borders tab > Width, making all border widths into that value.

It seems the only solution is to change the colour, then go through the table and manually adjust all border widths back to what they were again, which is a pain… unless anyone can think of a different solution?


From my tests, there seems to exist a hierarchy of formatting in tables: global table and individual cell overriding global. I formatted a few cells differently from the table. I then selected all cells and Table>Table Properties without clicking on the line selector (some were grayed indicating different attributes). Unfortunately, only some lines (global formatted) were selected by default and only those had their color changed.

No idea for the solution.