Adjust line spacing between specific lines of text in writer

Hello all. I have just figured out how to adjust line spacing between paragraphs throughout the document by going to format > styles and formatting > paragraph styles icon > right-click “text body” > modify > indents and spacing tab > spacing, however this sets spacing for paragraphs throughout the document, whereas I want to set the spacing between two specific paragraphs; leaving all other paragraphs/text unaffected.

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

It’s unclear why do you bump your question that already has two answers. Bumping itself isn’t good; but you even don’t tell what in the answers does not satisfy you.

Strange; I don’t recall “bumping” this question; how does one even “bump” on this forum?
My apologies.

Create specific new styles for these paragraphs that incorporate the formatting you need. This is the power of styles!

That is quite a long way to set the spacing. As you have already noticed, modifying the “Text Body” style applies to the whole document, or all parts utilizing that style. You could go the route that @robleyd described and create a new style and apply it as needed.

An easier way would be to click into one of the two paragraphs that need the special spacing between then right-click > paragraph > Indents & Spacing and go to the section labeled “Spacing” and adjust the spacing there. This should apply that spacing only to that particular paragraph.

Recommending a manual formatting here implies that user is not very familiar with some functionality, and so is wrong. If user is proficient with LO, then knowing something is available in styles automatically gives information about the same available in manual formatting. Otherwise advising to use manual formatting is deliberately forcing user to go “easy” way to suffer later from inconsistent formatting.

I value both of the answers given here; one goes the “easy” way and the other the “hard” way.

I believe it’s always good to have multiple routes to choose from to solve a given issue.

Thanks Mr. Kaganski for the input too; your advice has made me aware of the potential pitfalls of manual formatting.