Adjust size and placement of a form in Base

After some searching, I found a routine that should check the size and placement of a (base) form. A note was posted elsewhere that this would not work properly in Release 6.3.

I use the following code (when opening the Document):

 oCurrentController = ThisComponent.getCurrentController()
 oFrame = oCurrentController.getFrame()
 oContainerWindow = oFrame.getContainerWindow()

This gives no error, but does not work (at all).
However: The ** X position ** does ** work **, but the rest does not, as far as I can tell.
The size of a form can be adjusted online (in design and during execution) and will be used next time.
Whether the same size is also used for other forms, I have not yet determined.

Is this indeed a bug, or am I (as a new OO user) doing something wrong?


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Your problem can be solved.

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There are multiple problems with form size and screen placement. For reference, and further explanation of the problems, see answer in this post → Open a Base Form in a window

Have since modified the routine to make the positioning optional.

Here is the main routine:

Sub Resize(iWidth,iHeight,Optional iXPos,Optional iYPos) As Integer
REM      This cleans up the dead space
	Dim vRect as Object
	If IsNull(thisComponent.currentController.Frame) then exit sub
	vRect = thisComponent.currentController.Frame.ContainerWindow.PosSize
    Wait 200
    If IsMissing(iXPos) Then iXPos=vRect.X
    If IsMissing(iYPos) Then iYPos=vRect.Y
	thisComponent.currentController.Frame.ContainerWindow.setPosSize(iXPos, iYPos, iWidth, iHeight, 15)
    Wait 200
	thisComponent.currentController.Frame.ContainerWindow.setPosSize(iXPos, iYPos, iWidth, iHeight, 15)
End Sub

Now each form, with its own settings, can use a call to this routine with:

End Sub

I used your settings (you should double check these) in the example. This second sub is then attached to the Open Document event of the form.

Note: Wait 200 (occurs in two different lines) works on my system. You may need to increase by 100-200 if the routine doesn’t seem to work.

I have applied these setting in my application and am happy te see that this works exactly as intended.

Thanks very much for your help!