Adjusting endnote distance from main text


I have a document with endnotes placed at the end of each section. For some reason the size of the ‘gap’ between the last line of the main text and the first endnote differs from section to section, and I can’t work out why. As far as I can tell, the paragraph styles, font sizes, line spacing etc. are all the same for the entire document.

How do I make the spacing between the main text and the first endnote the same everywhere?

Thank you in advance

Edit: screenshots for comparison:


and (with all empty paragraphs removed):


There are two aspects to your question: irregular spacing and spacing control.

  • Irregular spacing among sections

    You probably have empty paragraphs at end of your main text, all the more likely if you space vertically wit empty paragraphs instead of using custom-tuned styles. To check, enable View>Formatting Marks. Empty paragraphs will display as isolated pilcrow signs (mirrored P). Just delete the excess paragraphs.

    Note: you can keep View>Formatting Marks always on. The marks do not print but provide valuable visual clues about your document content.

  • Spacing control between notes and text

    Though the notes are located inside a section, notes spacing control is done from the page style, Footnote tab. Beware! The settings are applied to every part of your document formatted with the page style, i.e. the sections and the pages. You can’t configure separately sections and page.

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EDIT 1 (after your addition of screenshots)

I can’t tell from the screenshots only, but it looks the contexts are different.

  • In first screenshot, paragraph style is Default Style at the location of the cursor (but I don’t see the cursor).

  • In second screenshot, cursor is at end of “Notes and References” which is formatted Heading 2.

  • In third screenshot, cursor (but where?) is in a Text Body paragraph. There is no heading for the notes.

  • The fourth screenshot shows a double-spaced paragraph (which style?). The cursor seems to be in a note because the style menu displays EndNote. There is no heading for the note.

I think you have not a consistent layout approach, which could explain why spacing is different. Paragraph styles define vertical spacing before and after a paragraph and this may account for your “irregular” spacing.

Thank you for your advice and quick response.

I checked the number of empty paragraphs and they are identical, so this doesn’t appear to be the issue.

When I checked the ‘space to text’ in “Page Style” - “Footnote” tab - “Footnote Area”, it says 0.00 cm. I have tried adjusting this to 0.10, 0.20 etc., but the discrepancies between sections persist even as the spacing increases.

I have attached some screenshots illustrating the problem to my original post.