adjusting height of row above image (text wrap): image does not shift down

changing the lenght of a wrapped text (so to modify that row height) : images anchored to the cells of lower rows do not shift down/up (images anchored to cells of lower rows are not moving with their respective rows)

Problem description / Steps to reproduce:

  1. insert an image into a cell, right click, anchor image to cell (you may as well lock size…)
  2. in a cell located above : increase/decrease text lines so this row height changes (wrap text, or paste a cell with a wrapped text)

→ the image anchored to cell of a lower row is not moving (image position is not accordingly updated/modified, so apparently the anchor to cell gets broken though the anchor symbol moves with the cell)

Current behavior: images anchored to the cells of lower rows do not keep their anchored position : images do not move down (or up) with the cells they are anchored to when the height of any above row is changed due to text wrap (or pasting a cell with wrapped text)

Expected behavior: anchored images have always to remain in their specific position within their own cells, no matter what you do to the heights of the rows above

Apparently the ‘wrap’ change is updating the row height, and moving lower rows/cells, but not updating the anchored images position ?

i hope this helps, this issue is going on for years now…

discussed also in : Bug 88958, Bug 90434 …

ubuntu 15.04 / libreoffice Version: / Build ID: 1:5.0.3~rc2-0ubuntu1~vivid2 / Calc

Seems selecting the whole sheet and the doing a Menu/Format/Rows - Optimal heigh put the images in the right place.

Not perfect but an easy workaround.

thanks…unfortunately in my case ‘optimal row height’ would smash the format of pages to print