Adjusting toolbars, good idea or not?

Hi there,

I created a spreadsheet and now it’s finished, so I don’t need to edit it anymore. I was wondering if it is a good idea to customize the standard toolbar by hiding a lot of the buttons so only the buttons I really need (save, save as, export to pdf) remain in view and all of the other buttons will be hidden. I want to save this adjustment in the spreadsheet file itself, so when I open this file, I only get to see the relevant buttons.

I think the idea is good, but I wonder if it will cause me problems in the future, for example when the developers decide to delete or change any of the buttons, or maybe add new ones. Will this cause (technical) problems then? What do you think?

Your thinking is correct depending on what items you leave on the menu or toolbar(s). For example, I have a Base program that when you open it only the first form for the user appears and the LO Base master form is hidden. The user form has no toolbars and the menus contain none of the standard items listed (Open, Save, Tools, etc). If there is a problem which requires a correction or enhancement to be made, the typical user would have no way of knowing how to correct this. The method I have in place is the ability to uncomment a line of code in a macro which exposes all of the standard menus and toolbars. You also have to know how to access that macro.

So, the typical user cannot mess with the structure, but you must have some type of back door to allow for future enhancements and/or corrections.

The buttons will be hidden, but I assume they can be easily restored by simply customizing the toolbar again, so I don’t think that will cause any problem.

Create a customized tool bar and store it in the file.

Right click on the tool bars, Customize.

In the Customize dialog, “New”.

Add the buttons/commands.

Save in. Specify the filename of the document to only have it saved in that file. Choose LibreOffice Calc to have it globally available.

Not sure how to hide your regular menus. Possibly create a macro that runs when the spreadsheet is opened? That is under the Events tab.

Thanks. I will give that a try … but could this (in the future) cause a problem?

For example, I create a new toolbar and add a ‘save’ and ‘export to pdf’ button. Could it be possible that in the future a LibreOffice developer decides to change the name of the ‘export to pdf’ button into for example ‘export pdf’ (without the word ‘to’) which will cause the button in my custom toolbar (which I saved within the spreadsheet file) to disappear? Or is that something I shouldn’t worry about?