Advanced Spreadsheets Conversion and Validation


My organization is currently investigating options for data management and quality control of spreadsheets in the archiving process.
We are considering mandatory conversion of Excel to ODS when archiving. To enable this we need the possibility to not only validate the ODF and ODS structure as possible with the ODF Validator, but also validate further requirements in relation to stripping and changing of dataduring conversion e.g.

  • Strip macros
  • Strip author
  • Strip ActiveX objects
  • Show hidden sheets, columns and rows
  • Disable any active filters
  • We are considering several more requirements

For this purpose we need software support for compatible conversion software which are able to alter the specified validation requirements and validation software, which can confirm spreadsheet conformance with our additional validation requirements. The software must be able to perform in automatic workflows through command line.

Can you point us to any relevant advanced conversion software, and secondly any validation software? As a sidenote, we might be able to fund development of validation software ourselves, but we currently see no way of supporting the development of converison software ourselves.

Thank you.