Advice for Subscribing to Users Mail List


I just joined a few minutes ago. This is my first posting.

I have managed to upset my account subscription to the users-global email list where I use the Mozilla Thunderbird (T-Bird) email client. I would like to re-subscribe to that mail list, if possible.

I possibly have filtered incoming emails from that mail list into an incorrect T’Bird account. I am uncertain which email address I originally used to subscribe.

Is there a method to contact an administrator. Or, should I simply subscribe via as a new user & new password?

How should I proceed?

Or, should I simply subscribe…


And that’s under every email:

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If you can’t remember which email address you used, send a test email to the list with each of your email addresses (“This is a test email”). There should be only one hit in your inbox.

Thank you very much. I will…