Advice needed for Crosstab query

I need a form/report which will show
Sales by Customer and Month by Calendar Year or Financial Year.

The report is no problem once I got the query in place.

Attached some quick mockup based on the Access2Base Northwind.odb.
In relation to the query looking at the sample code, is it possible to base the query on a single View since my Customer field is the primary key looking up the name from a reference table.
The totals also are derived from a View as a query based on the crosstab query does not like aggregates.

As far as the form is concerned is there any way to place the totals on top of the grey bar at the bottom of the tablecontrol?

Of course I could do a pivot in Calc but there is the problem of date conversion from integer as well as the format not sticking and the need to manually refresh.

Looking forward to any suggestions.
Thank you