Advice on Best Choice Cal version 7.2 or 6.1

I’m moving my Excel VBA code to LibreOffice Cal and was wondering if anyone could advise me if there is any advantage in using Cal version 7.2 vs version 6.1 which I have installed already.

An example of some of the beginning statements in my code are as follows:

  1. Dim sheet2 As Worksheet, n As String, Cell, num, tmp, rngDest As Range, i As Integer

  2. Dim rng As Range, tmp, i As Long

  3. Const NUMBER_TO_CHANGE As Long = 9

  4. Const NUMBER_TO_CHANGE As Long = 20

  5. Dim SearchRange As Range, _

  6. Dim r As Range, rg As Range, X As String

  7. Application.ScreenUpdating = False

My second request is if anyone could assist me with the following code problem. It works in VBA but not in Cal. I need to start working on this stuff!!

Sub ClearCells1()

End Sub


I can’t help you with converting VBA to LO Basic.

According to what I looked up in relation to Fix for CVE-2018-16858 and CVE-2019-9852 version 6.1 contains a serious security flaw.
I would recommend upgrading; is the stable version (final of 7.1.x series), and is the Fresh version. At this stage in the rollout both are quite stable, although I still use for my work.

As it is a big jump and I suspect you are on Windows, which seems to be more susceptible to corruption, you might need to reset your user profile after upgrading so best to be prepared. It is a fairly simple procedure to manually reset but you want to keep your templates, user dictionary, AutoCorrect settings, etc. so have a look at LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki and you will be prepared.

Hi EarnestAl

Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.

Have a happy holiday.