After an update by LibreOffice, all my documnets disappeared. How do I get them back?

LibreOffice did an automatic update. Now when I click on documents it opens with “Asuswebstorage” and no documents.

You don’t say which operating system you are using. I presume it is Windows. Either navigate in the address bar from “Asuswebstorage” to wherever you normally store your documents (probably My Documents?), or go to the My Documents folder and, one by one, open them with LibreOffice so they will appear in the documents folder of LibreOffice.

I think so for a rumor that LibreOffice automatically makes an update.
OS, e.g. Win-10 can automatically update.

I agree, @Hrbrgr. Windows 10 seems very troublesome in the changes it makes automatically, while none of my LibreOffice installations have ever updated automatically.

Yes, I am using Win10, which did an automatic update that then required a restart. Saved & closed files before restart. I found the file by doing a search as you suggested. Thanks!

LibreOffice does not do automatic updates. But Windows might, depending on your settings. If you are using Windows 10, you should read these two news articles and follow their links to more information.

UPDATE : (09 Oct) Microsoft has apparently fixed the problem and is re-releasing the Windows 10 update