After I updated to version, I am 'missing files?'

I do data entry/basic office work for someone running a business from home. I have been using LibreOffice for about a year with her. I recently updated to version during my last shift, and today I came in and she told me that she is “missing files” since the update?

I’m wondering if something happened with the file extensions which could be making it harder for me to find them, but I am not on these computers often(they are hers) so I’m not sure if anything else has happened between now and the last time I was here working(computer literacy isn’t strong, which is why I’m here).

I’ve tried searching by file name and poking around on her computer, but I’ve never heard of things getting deleted when updating a program?

I guess I’m just asking if this is even possible, or if I should run another round of virus check!