After inserting a textbox, the keyboard cursor disappears

I recently installed LibreOffice for Windows x86. I used the writer; after inserting a textbox, the keyboard cursor disappears.

This link is the screen recorder video I recorded .

I have the same after installing The the flashing text cursor remains visible whenever it is inside a Text Box, but disappears as soon as the focus moves outside a Box.

In a document with existing Text Boxes opened afresh, the cursor remains visible until it moves out of a Text Box. Text Boxes can be selected, moved and context menu items actioned without losing the cursor.

For me, the problem is the same. Is there a bugreport or a patch?

The disappearing cursor after inserting a text box is happening to me too. I’m also running, which is the only version I’ve run since I’m a new LO user.

Ditto. Frustrating behaviour. Happens to me after adding a Math Equation.

Same issue with on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

This is what worked for me. Simply close out the program and reopen it. My cursor came back. Note: Not just the document, but the entire program, closing out all open docs and the program itself.