After installation, there's no existence of Libre Office everywhere.


I have a clean windows that I’ve just installed, and I downloaded both newest libre from the official website, both stable and beta versions. After installation, there’s no evidence of Libre office everywhere on my windows 10. I check many times, even the program files are empty, there are only Libre’s folders without files there.

Both versions are like that. I don’t have problems with any other software that I have installed since the computer is new. I just have a problem with Libre.

I tried installing both several times, they have the same empty folders in the program files.
It seems that I’m not the only one having this problem.
Can you fix it, because I love Libre on my other ubuntu laptop.

Are you telling

  • You downloaded LibreOffice from download page
  • You stored the .msi package to your Downloads directory
  • You opened Windows’ File Explorer and opened your Downloads directory
  • You double clicked the .msi file to start the installation
  • You accepted all defaults within the dialog
  • No error messages appear throughout the installation

and finally %ProgramFiles%\LibreOffice does not contain any files?

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Yes to all of them.

Please post a screenshot of the final window of the installer, where it reports the success. Thanks!

Are you installing it from an administrator account or a plain user account? Try logging onto Windows from an admin account and uninstall and then install from there.