After Libre Office Guides in PDF format are downloaded to the users PDF software on their PC, are users allowed to use the Annotate features in their PDF software for these Libre Office Guides such as Libre Office Cal Guide 6.2??

With these guide books downloads in PDF, are users free to use PDF annotation software such as PDF View & Edit software or Xodo PDF & Annotation software or Adobe PDF to highlight & draw a circle around certain important sections such as "Split Screen: & “Chart formatting”, Note or Warning sections in your PDF books?? This would be a good FAQS ? on PDF book downloads. Please let me know if PDF annotation feature in PDF Readers is allowed for use with your Document Foundation Libre Office PDF Guide downloads after downloading & opening guide in PDF software on home pcs… Thanks

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Each such guide includes a copyright+license information; it’s GPLv3 and CC BY 4.0 for Calc Guide 6.2 (didn’t check other guides, though expect them to be the same/similar). Those are naturally free licenses (in the spirit of the project) allowing you to modify it as you like. But by all means, consult a lawyer in case of any doubt.

Thank you!! I apologize for this ? of mine being off-topic & irrelevant.