After LO update installation the pinned taskbar item disappears (is invalid)


I usually pin LO Calc to the taskbar (“Pin to taskbar”) in Windows 10 in order to have the recently opened files accessible.
Unfortunately with each LO update the pinned application link is getting invalid and all the recently opened files disappear.
I have to pin it again and to go through the files again.
This is annoying.
Any idea why it is happening? Is it normal?
No other programs like Firefox, Thunderbird or whatever are doing something like that.
It happens only with LibreOffice.
I’ve seen two questions regarding this topic here but no real answer.
Is it still be a missing feature? Maybe this one:


This is a user forum and we don’t “fix” issues here. If you believe this is a continuing issue with an already reported bug, you should add your voice to it in the hope that this will escalate a fix.

I know, just hoped that there is maybe a workaround for this one or I’m doing something wrong.
If someone can confirm that this is this or other known bug or issue and there is no solution for this one now, then it is OK with me too.

but that’s not the point… the more people that report a bug affects them, the better and more likely that the bug team will escalate it.
Not much point in me reporting it as I use ubuntu (Linux) and this is not an issue for me.