After recovery all comments are lost in a document

clicked “exit windows” which closes all running apps and goes to lock screen, relaunch the document = years of comments are gone.

libreoffice had crashed before, but I’ve never had this issue, I usually leave it opened for days, the document is on a hdd that goes to sleep after a while and the doc might crash on save. portable

Create copies of your current document, to inspect the zip-file, if contents may be rescued. The first question is, if your comments are gone, or only not shown. But to avoid making things worse I’d always recommend to create copies before messing around further.
Also check for backups in your file-system.

You never did backups in years?

re-think your approach. For a lot of things there is a first time, this does imply they can happen, even if you never had exprienced this issue.

I have a month old backup, but it’s still spoopy, that it can just happen. I can clearly see filesize difference, so they’re probably gone in the new one.

not sure what do you mean

what to look for in the archive?

If you exit / shut down Windows while applications are running then LibreOffice may not be given enough time to save open files and exit clean and Windows force-kills it prematurely. Don’t do that.

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You can try this.

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