After saving a Draw file and re-opening many connectors have moved


I have created a flowchart with a number of boxes (of different types) and connectors between them. When I re-open the document after a prior edit and save, many of the connectors have moved. What I mean by that is that they remain connected to the source and destination boxes, but that the path that they take moves. Connectors that are a simple straight line do not. Nor the ones that only have a single change of direction.

But the ones that have 2 or more changes of direction almost all move (from the variations I had made) back to the centre position - even if this is over the top of an unrelated box.

Is there some way to prevent this? Or is this a bug?



I am using 4.1.0 of LibreOffice on a Windows platform.

The same DOES NOT occur with Linux version All connectors are where they were saved after a re-open.

Or Linux version

I’m experiencing the same problem with on Windows. Please help. I may not use Linux at work.

I too, am using and am seeing the exact same behavior. The flowchart behaves normally until I close, and then re-open the same chart, and then lines move, some behind boxes and some through words.

That is bug It is fixed on trunk (towards LO 4.2). It is not yet clear, whether the fix will be applied to version 4.1 too.