After the last update opening any type of file is really slow


I updated my version just a couple of days ago to Version: (x64) and for the first time I used it, after the update
I noticed a big difference.

I start LibreOffice, the main part of the screen shows the logo, with possible options on the left. When I click on any of the options, Writer, Calc, etc, the document takes 10secs to load and when I want to close, between 3-7 secs.

Is anyone else having a problem like this? How do I get back the speed I lost in the update?

I am noticing a similar slowdown on Windows 10 with a Core 2 Duo and an SSD. The slowdown just started with this most recent update for me as well.

I have just discovered that the slow-down is not limited to opening and closing documents but also when I open Options to make changes there. When I click on a given option, say going from LibreOffice (right at the top) to User Data (the first sub-option), that change takes 4-5 seconds. Moving to any of the other options takes the same amount of time.

I hope someone has a solution to this. the only one I can think of, is uninstalling and doing a clean reinstall.