After updating to libre office calc stopped performing correctly

In a simple table that was working just fine before the update, calc stopped updating cell content (a formula) after a row is deleted!?? If you just delete the data in a cell, the formula updates the result but if you delete the whole row (there are no references to this row in the formula. it’s just a row in a sum formula) then, the fornula does NOT update
but just gives the old result with the row that was present.
I can e-mail you the table

Please verify if hard recalc [Ctrl+Shift+F9] solves the issue.

sorry for commenting into an old thread,

  1. with the change to 4.2 and implementing ‘shared formulas’ plenty ‘non auto updating’ issues had been introduced,

  2. it wasn’t a good idea to pull them off the table by ‘just use hard recalc’,

  3. as it delayed the work on the problem(s), and:

  4. ‘hard recalc’ (forced recalc, ctrl-shift-F9) isn’t a fix for broken functionality!
    it’s an analysis tool to check if something went wrong with the calculation chains,
    the more we start using it as standard, the more the users get prone to errors reg. forgotten recalcs, and we to the complaints and reports about it,

and once it’s the tool for normal work there is no tool to check if it failed,

it’s not a solution, it’s a crutch, don’t get used to it!

Sorry, are you sure about what you are comment in point 4, hard recalc is there since the beginning, and as I know, it is not an analysis tool. It recalculates all cells without take care of if they are marked as dirty or not.

@mariosv: sorry, have to correct myself, hard recalc has! a standard use case if you work with autocalculate off (for performance reasons), but those people mostly know what they are doing and why, normal ‘simple minded users’ are used to and expect ‘self calculating’ spreadsheets,
and the more we let it go to have bugs or situations where that’s not fulfilled and let it go further by presenting hard recalc as a solution, we spread irritations for users, get use of wrong results in real world, harvest irritated questions and complaints and so on, i see it as a road to hell,
thus i’m warning not to go that way …

Does it update when you save, close and re-open the file? Currently, when I paste in data, the other calculation cells are not updated correctly. When I save and re-open the calculations are displayed correctly. Ctrl+Shift+F9 (recalculate) doesn’t solve the issue for me. I thought there was a bug with 4.2.0 and was to be fixed with 4.2.2. but not sure.

Update: if I paste from a tab copied webpage, it pasted and calculated ok. But when the numbers were pasted as a csv, then used TextToColumns, the numbers are not recalculated properly. They were left with #VALUE (since you can’t have 3,4,2 in a number cell – I use a dot as decimal separator). After TextToColumns, the calculating cells kept #VALUE instead of displaying numbers. Save, Close and Re-open and the correct numbers are displayed. And now, as I test this LO is crashing after I click okay for the data import/txttocolumns process.

Update: F9 recalculate didn’t do anything, but ctrl+shift+F9 had it properly recalculate. As for the crashing, fixed that by pasting my data into the correct cells. The TextToColumns was causing the third piece of data to go into a formula cell, and maybe LO didn’t like that. It shouldn’t have crashed though.

I think I should have stayed in bed today!! I don’t think I helped anyone but myself.

A similar thing happened to me after an update last year, except it continues to do calculations okay. In my case, it suddenly failed to create the graph correctly, but only after a specific date. I may have failed to make the chart work correctly in the formula past that date, but I really don’t think so. I’ve looked at my data, and doesn’t appear so. It really seems telling that my chart began to fail immediately after an update.

Thank you very much for your help. Ctrl+shift+F9 recalculated the cells correctly but this should have been done automatically, like in the previous versions of Calc!??

There were some bugs in dependency calculation in 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 that were fixed for 4.2.2

And please don't submit such comments as answer, use the comment function instead.

Hello, I just ran into this problem on
I have a column with some IF calculations. When I autofill from the top cell downwards, I expect the calculation to be done. What it actually does is copy the result from the top cell.
Saving, reopening and retrying the autofill does not recalculate as it should.
F9 recalculates correctly, but I shouldn’t need to do that.

edit: ‘Stable’ doesn’t automatically recalculate either.
edit: if it makes you feel better, OO 4.1 doesn’t work either.