afterwards editing text box in image (librewriter)


ich have a large document with many images. I added some text boxes and arrows with the drawing tool bar. During the time I done this, I was able to make changes to this text boxes. But since today I can’t select them any more. I can only select the image not the text above it (see figure below).
The only workaround is to select the item in the navigator, but that is time consuming (because I have more than 40 of them)

I would be thankful, if somebody could help me.


image shows how I clicked on the text, but the image behind it was selected
image shows how I click on the text, but the image behind it was selected

I use:
Version: (x64)
Windows 7
Performance setting (default)

Use keys like STRG, ALT or SHIFT which work on watermarked images.


Or: Expand draw tools, select Draw cursor (arrow) and mark a rectangle larger than your (textbox) object.

Note: Strg is German for Ctrl

any thanks for your comments, in general it doesn’t work.Only one time it worked normal, but once I opened the document again it was not possible to edit the text boxes.
I will try and keep you up to date.