Again a question and the associated comments vanished. How to fix the problem?

There was the question with some comments already added.
If I now try to look at it again, I get told it’s no longer available.

It’s not the first time that questions and all the related posts vanished this way without any message concerning the why and how.

Can this be fixd one day?

It would be better if the original poster could delete their association with the question rather than the question being completely deleted.

The comments and answers can represent a fair bit of time and effort, possibly more than the original poster put into the question. To have have those deleted on a whim seems unreasonable. Cheers, Al

I think OP deleted the question without notice. I agree with both of you. This is rude towards those who benevolently invested time in answering/commenting and disrespectful to the community who could benefit of the discussion and perhaps avoid asking the same question in the future.

Similar question asked again in question 298032 .