AGAIN Calc Spread Sheets Row Breaks NOT Printing

REF: LO v3.

This WAS working before, but now broken again (problem existed in much older versions)

Have a spreadsheet with Manual Row Breaks.

Normally I use page format [Fit print range(s) to width/height] and prier version of LO my Manual Row Breaks printed correctly.

Now the ONLY way to get my Manual Row Breaks to print correctly is to use the Reduce option.

When we use option [Fit print range(s) to width/height] the print should AUTOMATICALLY reduce print size to fit to width/height settings and have Manual Page Breaks operate properly.

In other words, this option should work as [Fit print to n-pages wide and n-pages high].

Please fix (again).

There is a bug report about it:
FORMATTING - Calc ignores manual breaks when “fit to number of pages” is chosen