Alernative Searching extension crashes

When I try to run the Alternative Searching extension, I get the following error message:

 BASIC runtime error.
 An exception occurred 

It’s quite a while since I used it, so I re-installed it, but the same thing happened.

Any idea what’s happening, please? (OS details below)


Tim Earl

Windows 7 Professional SP1
LibreOffice (x64)
Alternative Searching 1.4.2

You need to ask the developer of your extension. And as per the extension supports:


LibreOffice 3.3, LibreOffice 5.3,*

Since you are on LibreOffice don’t expect the extension to work.

The extension (v. 1.4) works fine for me in LibreOffice

It works for a test installation on LibreOffice (on openSUSE Leap 15.0) for me as well as long as we talk about “Get the dialog started”. OP is not stating, when he gets the error (on startup, on execution of a replace action,…)

Thanks for your comments.

I upgraded to LO, and reinstalled AltSearch, but it still crashed on startup.
I emailed the developer on 22/4/2019 and haven’t had a reply.
I’m thinking I should call it a day, given the compatibility issue, and the likelihood that it isn’t supported any more…

Just checked on my Windows 10 1809 Installation of LibreOffice, AltSearch 1-4.2, and it works for me. Now it starts (!!!) to point to your specific Window 7 Version