Align elements in LO impress

Good morning,
Is there a way to align the objects in LO impress just taking into account the ‘text’ space?

I mean, I have a slide, with a title and a footer. Bellow the title and above the footer, I have drawn two lines. My ‘text space’ is the space between this two lines, the space between title and footer.

The ‘problem’ comes when I try to align a figure. If I select a figure and I click on: align-> centred, the figure is centred against the full slide and therefore is completely no-centred respect to my ‘text space’.

Is there a way to center the figure respect to my ‘text space’

Thank you

You may protect the lines’ positions in their properties:

image description

Then you may select the three objects (the two lines and the figure) and align them (using FormatAlign menu).

Dear Mike, thank you very much for your fast answer, the idea is great, but I have these lines in the ‘master slide’ so I can not select them while I am writing in a normal slide.