Aligning text of a shape to the top (LibreOfiice Draw)

How can I align the text of a shape to the top (left) corner in LibreOffice Draw?

Currently by double clicking on the shape, I can align it only to the left and right from the toolbar.


This seems to be ridiculously hidden in LibreOffice - the only place I found it was “Format → Object and Shape → Text”, change the anchor there.

You can select the "Text anchor" position:

Right-click (context menu) → Text…

→ Text anchor

thank you a lot, @mani_k! This is indeed working! I tried before with the same text anchor from the context menu “Edit Style” but it didn’t work out. The menu “Text” is the right one!

Ah! That’s what “text of a shape” meant! :wink:

there is NO TEXT menu in the context menu and no place ANYWHERE to do this

In Libreoffice 5.0.5 I didn’t find “Text” in context menu, what I had to do is to select the shape, then click on Format → Text in the top menu bar, and select the text anchor from there.

@baxeico I did F2 then right click anchor text. Wish a short cut like Ctrl+1 with writer is available here.

In Libreoffice 6, the “Text” option is in Format → Object & Shape → Text… and works for me.

You can also double-click inside the shape and then right-click to access the text menu.