All cell comments have disappeared in calc

Just started using LibreOffice on Windows 7 pc using an .ods file (previously used ok with OpenOffice). First time I used it every thing worked ok, but today all the cell comments have disappeared? Comments are ticked in tools-options-LibreOffice Calc-view. Anyone know how to get them back? Or it’s back to OpenOffice for me.

May I ask you to file a bug report here?

Thanks for the offer of help but I am getting out of my depth here. I have no idea what javascript is or does other than interact with my computer (from Wikipedia), which I do not want.

I may be having a similar problem. I just filed a bug report (Bug 77383).

In two instances recently I opened a calc file and cell comments that I knew were entered were gone. In one file, the comments were back when I opened the file later on. In the other file some comments were back but some still missing.

Wasn’t really observing in detail. I will watch to see if this happens again. But seems like its not file corruption, just that comments are not displayed sometimes when the file is opened (I guess).

Version Windows 7 64-bit.

Your bug 77383 was closed as “invalid” due to “lack of activity”, but the bug persists in LibreOffice Calc It can be demonstrated very easily. Open a new sheet and enter a number or some text in a cell. Add a comment. Click on another cell, then go back to the cell in which you entered data. Press the delete key while the cell is selected or move the cursor to the Input Line and backspace to remove all the characters. The comment disappears. This is unexpected behavior.

To view the earlier bug report, see