All items marked for index lost after saving ODF document

I am using a TOC at the beginning and an alphabethical index at the end in a few documents. The TOC works perfectly (based on style headers), but, recently, when I save and close the document and then I re-open it, all indexed items (for the building of the alpha bethical index table) are lost. Regenerating the index table results in an empty table.
Can someone help me, please? Thank you

The document format is ODF under windows environment. I am running Version: I don’t know if it is relevant but these documents are several years old, i.e. have migrated through various versions of LibreOffice.
This issue was posted before under idx 77342 but I could not find an answer.

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PACS managers reference manual V3.3a.odt

Here is a sample document stripped down from its orinal. I marked a number of words for the alphabetical index and again they disappeared after saving and reloading the document. Update table results in an empty index.

Here is an update. As a test, I copied the ODF file from my Windows machine to a Linux Mint 17.2 machine and started marking words to the index (Libre Office 4.4). Saved the document and the index remained. Tranferred the ODF to Windows again and opened it in Libre Office and the index marked items were still there. Saved the document and opend it again: all index marked items have disappeared. Amazing.

Right, downloaded, opened, the index disappeared on update, as there are no index markings in the document. I added some (Insert - Table of Contents and index - Index entry) and they stick - that is to say: they survive saving and closing the file. How do you insert the index items? See here my edited version:


I have added a button to my tool bar, but used to use Insert → Index entry.
Right, new attempt. Deleted index.
Menu → Insert TOC and Index → Toc Index or Bibliography → Alpabet Index
Select word, Menu → Insert TOC and Index → Index entry (check word and options) → Insert (repeat)
Menu → Tools → Update → Update all
Reload → indexed words gone. Refresh table. Index gone.

Used your document. Saved it locally. Added a few more index entries. The Updated index showed the extra entries.
Saved document locally somewhere. Right clicked index entry and used edit index entry → allows me to walk through all index entries (yours and mine). Reload document → all index entries gone.

This is weird as you saved the document, I could open it and I could see the words you had marked.

This just shouldn’t happen. Try with a new file. Maybe this one has become somewhat corrupted by long use. There may also be something wrong with your installation of Libre or your user profile.

I was thinking along those lines. But at least I know now that it is not the method that I am using. Thanks for your help
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