All printing is in landscape format

I’m in the US so a page is 8.5 inches by 11 inches ie. letter size orientation PORTRAIT .
Beginning with LO (alpha), whether it is an existing Writer document or a simple document of a few lines, it looks portrait oriented but when printed to a physical printer, it comes out in landscape orientation. Also a simple calc spreadsheet does the same thing.

"Beginning with LO (alpha)"
But which release are you using now? LO 7.5.2 perhaps, or one earlier than that?

Be aware that LO 7.5 is not yet a stable release. If you want stability and bug-free operation, v7.4.6 is recommended. On the other hand, if you want to report a bug (indeed, your problem does sound like a bug), then please report it at Bugzilla.

I’ve written a bug on this issue. Until this is fixed, I’ll be using LO 7.4 versions.
I did already have one response to the bug asking for more information. It seems they did not see the problem printing to PDF (neither do I). It happening when printing to my physical printers. Both my printers are Canon iX6820s. Might it be possible the problem is limited to wider printers? Tabloid paper fits in the iX6820 (maximum size is 13x22). By the way, everything else on my systems prints correctly including firefox. It’s only Libreoffice and then only if the release level is or higher

Excellent! Please post the link to the bug report here (that’s a tradition over here). I hope that you mentioned the printer’s specifications in the report, because it may well be that LO misinterprets them. The developers can only fix bugs when they can reproduce them, so it’s important that they know exactly what printer you use.

The bug is 145975 ( 154975 – All printing is in landscape format )

The problem has now been narrowed down to a specific ‘commit’ from September 2022. Recent comments in the bug (154975 – All printing is in landscape format) have more detail. The latest release of Ubuntu (24.04) has unfortunately included a version of Libreoffice that has the problem.