All the formulas I created in a document changed into object XX

I created a LibreOffice writer document with about 30 formulas some of which were two equations systems. Now I opened the document and I found that all my formulas changed into an error message with written “object XX”, where XX are numbers between 1 and the total number of my equations.
What can I do to fix it without writing again the whole document?

Try clicking View > Images and charts

In the document, I created or outside it, in the manager of libre office?

In the menu of LibreOffice Writer. It sounds very much like what you would see if you turned off display of images and charts. I haven’t been near a computer to test but View > Images and charts just toggles visibility of those and possibly equations.

In LibreOffice Writer menu, click View > Images and Charts to toggle visibility of equation objects, images, and charts. Cheers, Al

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