AlloOffice in Microsoft Store

Why is LibreOffice Vanilla that I previously purchased rebranded as AlloOffice and also not searchable in Microsoft Store? It’s also currently unavailable for new purchases and only available as download from the purchase history.

Hi Keith, we’re in the process of publishing LibreOffice directly from TDF (the foundation). I hope that offer is ready soonish.

There is a new LibreOffice MSI in the MIcrosoft Store and it says Paid in search but when I click that thumbnail it says Provided and updated by The Documentation Foundation and it only has an Install button and no price.

And why don’t you download LibreOffice directly from TDF?

Download LibreOffice

Some regard it an advantage to obtain their software from the Microsoft Store and apparently (never used) it also eases installation, some might not know how to download and install a software package, and yet some may not have the permissions to install in any other way.

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