Allow PDF attachments for AskLO

Since Writer has File → Export as PDF, it seems to me that PDF attachments should be allowed on AskLO. Currently, they are not. says:

allowed file types are ‘.jpg’, ‘.jpeg’, ‘.gif’, ‘.bmp’, ‘.png’, ‘.tiff’, ‘.odt’, ‘.ods’, ‘.odp’, ‘.odg’, ‘.odc’, ‘.odf’, ‘.odi’, ‘.odm’, ‘.ott’, ‘.ots’, ‘.otp’, ‘.otg’, ‘.odb’, ‘.doc’, ‘.docx’, ‘.xls’, ‘.xlsx’, ‘.ppt’, ‘.pptx’

Does anyone here have authority to make this change?

Add values to ASKBOT_ALLOWED_UPLOAD_FILE_TYPES variable in your to allow upload of other file types.

What if you are paying askbot for hosting and don’t have access?

Please tell me which files you want to allow. We will enable this on the backend. In the next version we’ll add a setting that you can control. Thanks!

Evgeny gravatar imageEvgeny ( 2013-07-16 14:56:58 -0600 )

Source: how to attach other file types apart from images - My site.

Yes I agree, perhaps zip also.

From Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki

At present, to upload a [file type that is not allowed], change the filename to one of the allowed types, and add this information in the question/answer text.