allow "unknown author" to reply to comment by another "unknown author"

in writer, when working with track changes/comments and editing documents with more than one person, i often need to reply to comments, but as both i and the other user decline to add our names to the libreoffice metadata, we both appear as “unknown author”, and this prevents us from being able to reply to each other’s comments directly.

is there a workaround or is this a missing feature? i would think that one should also be able to reply to one’s own comments regardless…

And how about “author_1”, “author_2”, etc.

or is this a missing feature?

You decline to use a feature and ask, if it is a missing feature. Hard to comprehend …

people should be able to use software and make comments on it without identifying themselves in doing so. Not identifying oneself == feature. // Author 1 / Author 2 doesn’t work, because you would have to set up yr libre office instance every time you start work on a different file. // why not just allow self-replies to comments. // easy to comprehend.

That is for bug tracker.

Just did a test and this is no longer true, your user data stays compliant for each new file you start. (EDIT: using Libre Office 7.4)


Just did a test on version 7.4. This issue is resolved by adding your name, or a handle you choose, to the libre office use data.

What do you mean, and how is it related to the topic at all? Please start by learning reading, to be able to comprehend that @mooseface explicitly did not want to add user data, but wanted to be able to go without. Your reply is simply ignoring it as a whole.

This is no longer true. L2R bro.

Left to right??? Do you think it doesn’t apply to RTL scripts like Arabic and Hebrew?
If this is not related to script writing direction and is some slang, avoid this here. Slang is closely related to a specific language and, within this language, to some “endemic culture”. You’re on an international site with world-wide contributors from 20 to 90 yo. Use only “universal” language if you expect useful help.

Its all good. I simply was asked to learn to read, and was returning the favor. L2R = Learn to Read.

This is the whole quote, showing the context. And that is just to show why someone might not want to enter data. The original question is even not about it.

But spamming and showing inability to read and comprehend, even “returning a favor” in a way to show own level is … well, why waste time on you.

This comment is late, but whatever.

If you are working together on a document, it doesn’t make sense that you want to post comments anonymously. But you can have several user accounts on a pc/laptop and on each have a separate user profile for each user account. Then, if you write for, say something related to gaming, you can have a username for that and insert your username. Then when people comment with their usernames, at least you can have a normal conversation. What would this place look like if all visitors went by the name “Anonymous user”?

Click the comment and then insert a comment there.