almost all of my initial lines just disappeared

im facing a terrible problem: almost all the initial lines of the paragraphs (the ones with TAB or dash before) just desappered from the text.
My text now has several lines empty, missing, always in the begining of the paragraph.
Rewriter will be dificult, since there are more than 50 pages.
So please, if someone knows how to correct this, answer here.

I do not know Writer to well. But if ya know how to make a copy of the fill, save it and play with a copy until ya know how to fix it. Try from your pull downs, Format / Paragraph. Or copy all and paste to a new text document. Good Luck

yeap, that hust worked well. i did copy and paste in a older backup and magic, the missing lines appeared where i paste then. but if i paste in the text where they disepeared, nothing happens.