Alphabetical index not combining entries with chapter info in Writer 3.6x nor 4.0r

  • Insert alphabetical index
  • Entries: add ‘chaper info’ into structure line
  • Index/table: activiate ‘Combine identical entries’ but not ‘Combine identical entries with…’

Problem: the ‘chapter info’ is reduced to only one - the last - chapter in which the entry appears.

I’ve also made a video (in pt-br, but easy to understand) with the issue:

Hi Gláucio,
I think without a sample document it is no easy for someone can help.
Maybe take a look to documentation about, can help:
12 Creating Tables of Contents, Indexes, and Bibliographies

Hi @mariosv! I’ve posted a link for the video where I show the issue: Gracias!

Filled a bug: fdo#60616

Status: NEW