Alt 198 gives this "ã"

Alt 198 gives this “ã”. Want to know how can I make this happen with writer Libre Office. Thanks

In Writer if I use Alt 198 I get “ã”. What do you get?

Interesting question. Why does ALT+198 give Æ on some systems, ã on others, and ( ) (nothing) on mine. And how can I make it happen with Writer as I am now?

A simplistic answer is that if ALT+198 (U+C6) gives Æ try ALT+227 (U+E3) to see whether it gives ã. In Writer you can use INSERT > SPECIAL CHARACTER > and find ã as U+00E3 (227)

Why this choice?
ã (Latin small letter a with tilde) is a diacritic used in Portuguese. The position it can be found depends on the physical keyboard you use, the operating system and keyboard definition.

The International and worldwide Unicode standard used by the Internet and LibreOffice since 1997 is the definitive standard containing 111,000 or so characters, and includes the previous ISO-9959-1 (255 characters) (1987) European standard and the US-ASCII ( 127) 1968 standard.

The ALT+xxx keyboard entry is Windows specific and works only from 0-255. Linux, the Internet and LibreOffice uses U+xxxxxx (xx xxxx or xxxxxx depending on need) and works from 0-200,000 or so.

You do not say what operating system, language or keyboard definition you are using, but I hope this answer may give you some pointers and a start. As I do not use Windows, I only use the Unicode entry. However keyboard setup is often a good place to start… Peter

Hi petermau,
Thanks for your interest and your comments.
Operating system is windows.
Windows 8
Language is Spanish.
When using Microsoft windows word, alt + 198 gives ã.
Libre office writer…does not…I tried everything…Cursing this problem.
Tried searching for the set up of the keboard, but I gather I cannot really find that.

Really look forward to a succesfull outcome