Alt Search not working correctly


I am running the Alt Search on 2 different computers, one laptop, one PC. The PC version works fine. On the laptop, when I press the icon I get a Libre Office Basic window which highlights

My Macros & Dialogs>AltSearch>fromTools and then the text oLibContainer.LoadLibrary(Libname)

and a window over this which says

BASIC runtime error
An exception occurred
Type: Message

If I back out of this and go to the Extension manager, disable the AltSearch, then enable it again it works OK.

Any ideas why this is happening?

I’m having this same problem, with the exception that the workaround (going to the extension manager and disabling / enabling the altsearch dialog) does not solve my problem. In my case, the altsearch dialog works on an old laptop running Windows XP, but not on a newer laptop running Windows 10…