Altering x-axis labels

Hi there,

This is probably quite a simple thing to solve but is driving me nuts!! I have a table of data with a range of dates (1971-1975 etc) in column A and a variable in column B. After much tinkering I have managed to alter the x-axis labels on my scatter graph and produced a coherent graph - hurrah!

However I have tried to do the same thing on another graph - same date range, different variable - and simply get the years marked 1-8. Even using the same data I cannot create a second graph to look like the first.

Can anybody help? :slight_smile: I have attached the spreadsheet here.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @MikeHowell, I upvoted your question to give you the points that will allow you to attach a link to your attachment. Without the document it is difficult to help you…