Alternating table column numbering, Col1 Numbers, Col2 Letters?

What is the quickest & easiest way to number 2 (or more)columns in a Writer table so that col 1 is numeric numbering & col2 is alpha numbering and when any row is inserted the columns keep the correct numbering.
-col1- -col2-

  1. one| a. uno |
  2. two| b. dos |
    –other text —
    Answer: select the rightmost column first, then switch on numbering (F12) change the numbering style to alpha, then move left, select that column & change the numbering style to numeric, and so on

Thanks cloph, apologies for the poorly written question.

This is quite an unusual numbering - may I ask why you want this kind of numbering?

And also it is not clear to me what should happen when you insert a new row.

Should it then be like this?

 1. one | a. dos   | 4. tres   | d. anothernewone
 2. two | b. three | 5. quatro | e. yetanotherone
 3. uno | c. four  | 6. newone | f. anotherone

Not sure whether you’re talking about a table or “text-flow-columns” either.
Adding a “row” sound like you’re talking about a table, but even then I cannot think of a case where this kind of numbering would make sense…
So while the “number range” fields can be used in a table and when the numbering is increasing horizontally (1… a… 2… b…) it won’t work vertically. The term “adding a row” doesn’t really fit with text-flow-columns concept, so I’m quite puzzled by your question…

Even with helper-rows/columns to get a count, you’d still need to manually adjust the references after adding rows.

Bottom line:
Please provide more background info on what sense is behind this numbering. Maybe then people can come up with better suggestions.