Alternatives to copy/paste ?

Hi I have a routine on my laptop which generates a .csv data file. I also have a separate LO spreadsheet to interpret & graph this file’s data. What I have been doing so far is opening the .csv data file using CALC then copy/paste the data into the other CALC spreadsheet. All works fine… but the data file is 500 rows x 12 Columns - just wondered if there’s as easier way…

If there is nothing else in the “other spreadheet”, have you ever tried to open directly your CSV file with Calc?

Sorry, I used the word spreadsheet when maybe I should have said workbook. I open the .csv file using CALC, I then copy/paste the data into the other workbook to display… but thanks for the answer anyway


provided that the “routine on your laptop … generates csv data file” with an ever same name, you may want to
use Sheet - Link to External Data. If that’s a way to go depends on what you finally want to achieve.

Unfortunately, each .csv file is generated with a date/time related filename… eg something like ST2021-03-30_18:25:09 , so each file has a different name… but thanks for the answer anyway…