altsearch key shortcut on Batch mode


Need some help on Altsearch Find and Replace, with shortcut.

I have been trying to assign a key shortcut to the batch " Text [Sel.] Join paragraphs non separated by empty paragraphs". I have put in the field “name of auxiliary subroutine”, “_Text__Sel______Join_paragraphs_non_separated_by_empty_paragraphs”. Finally, I have assign the key shortcut Ctrl+W. I have tried multiple number of times, but, every time I get, when I trigger the shortcut:

Libreoffice Error

A Scripting Framework error occurred
while running the Basic script

Message: The following Basic script could not be found:
module: ‘AltSearchBatchs’
method: ‘0’
location: ‘application’

I am using Libreoffice6.3, on Lubuntu based on Linux 18.04.