Always save documents as .doc

The default is .odt but I want the option to always save as .doc but I cannot find any way to do that

But .doc is a proprietary format. Why do you want to save your documents in someone else’s format?

If you always save in the native format (.odt) you will never have problems with losing special layout and formatting of the document. When you need to send a copy to someone who can read only .doc, then save a copy in .doc format and send that it to them.

I strictly dissuade from doing so. If you want to experience all the problems related to the usage of alien storing, you can go:
>Tools>Options>Load/Save/General>Default File Format ...


go to Tools -> Options -> Load Save ->General an set your preferences in section Default File Format and ODF Settings. This is the answer and now the advice. I do not recommend to do so. The default format of LibreOffice Writer is .odt and it is strongly recommended to stick with this format.