American qwerty

How do I reset my keyboard from Qwerty to American Qwerty?

Refer to your operating system manual.

What have you set in preferences language?

This is usually a function of your operating system. If you are using Windows, check the task bar at the bottom of your screen and if you see an icon that looks like a keyboard, click on that – it should give you a short list of the keyboard layouts that you have. Select the one you want. If there is no icon there, then you will have to access the Windows Control Panel and find the Keyboard settings there instead. If these settings are adjustable through LO, I am unaware of it.

Using LibreOffice, my symbols are different–pound sterling instead of dollar, quotation over the 2 and (a) where the quotation mark is on American. In all other applications everything is the American style. This is NOT an issue of my OS. It is purely a function of LibreOffice.

As Xoristzatziki has suggested, check your language and locale settings under Tools → Options → Language Settings. Something might have been changed inadvertently that has affected the keyboard layout.

QWERTY forms a group of keyboards found in a number of languages. It is not a specific single layout. What do you mean by resetting your keyboard from QWERTY to AMERICAN QWERTY? Which operating system are you using, what languages, what type of keyboard etc? How did you set the keyboard layout? You will need this information for anyone to be more helpful.

On a Linux system use KEYBOARD > set your keyboard preferences … to access the layout you need

American qwerty has some symbols in different places from the keyboard that I have using LibreOffice. On all other applications my symbols are in the American position, so this is not an OS function. I am using Win10.