An empty sub-routine is being created at the time of recording a macro.

I am using LibreOffice version 64 bit on Ubuntu and I use a lot of macros to create routine texts inside my Writer documents. I use the ‘Record Macro’ utility to record macros and then add them to my toolbar using the ‘Customize’ sub-menu under ‘Options’ menu.
Everything was going well untill recently I tried to manually install the latest LibreOffice version i.e. version 5.3. After installing it I found that after recording a macro, an empty BASIC sub-routine is being created INSIDE my macro and as a result the BASIC compiler is throwing an error of ‘Sub-Routine already defined.’ Every time I record a macro, I have to get inside the created Sub-Routine, delete the empty Sub-Routine created inside my macro and then compile the whole thing again to complete the recording process. I don’t why that empty Sub-Routine is being added unnecessarily inside the code of my recorded macro and I also don’t see any solution on the internet.

So please, I will be much obliged if anyone of you have a solution to this peculiarity.