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I have two large diagram images which must stay side by side for clarity. Each is (reduced to) half a page wide, but is then about 3/4 of a page long. It’s now hanging on at the bottom of a page, providing I don’t edit anything above. I put them in a 2x2 table to take care of the side by side bit; with a “caption” in the second row. The problem is keeping the table in place on a page, so one more line above doesn’t push it to a subsequent page, leaving 3/4 of a page blank! I’d like the last lines of the paragraph above, which it relates to, to flow over and go to the subsequent page. I think I want to anchor the table to the first letter of the paragraph, but I can’t find how to anchor a table. Help! (And TIA, of course.)

I have not fully tested my proposal but you may try it.

  • Insert first a frame which you can anchor to fit your needs. You can fix the text flow behaviour around this frame with the Wrap tab of FormatFrame/Object.

  • Inside this frame, insert a 2x2 table and stuff your images into the cells.

This should do the trick.

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OK, I tried that, but I couldn’t get it anchored to the right point. It chose to put it ahead of the paragraph it was following. I’m thinking I want the last period of the preceeding paragraph I want it to follow. But if there isn’t room on the current page the frame should flow to the next page, and subsequent text should follow–if I’m explaning that right. I couldn’t seem to select the frame, so couldn’t remove it.

Let me correct that. Help said to select my table then insert frame–that first try. Got the framed table. Your way, inserting an empty frame w/ autozize, I couldn’t insert a table–options were greyed out. Nor could I Copy my table and paste it inside.

If you select the frame first, you cannot insert inside. You can only change frame properties (anchor, size, …).

The correct procedure is: click anywhere to deselect the frame. Click inside it (say, on the paragraph sign) to enter “text-editing” mode. Once you have the blinking cursor there, you can add/paste anything: text, image, table, …

*f you want your table frame to appear after the last full stop, anchor it as a character and experiment with the settings.`