And I'm not able to type accents inside the "formula line"/"Input line" of calc

I’m using Libreoffice Version: on Linux Mint 20.2 x64 cinnamon X11.

And I’m not able to type accents inside the “formula line”/“Input line” of calc, on Windows it works, but on Linux it doesn’t.

When I select the cell and type the accent, it works as normal. But when I put the mouse on the input line and type some accent and vowel, the vowel is left without the accent.

Is it my problem alone, or is it a bug?

works fine for me Linux ubuntu 20.04.3 LO UK keyboard layout using compose key (right Windows key) then the accent then the char required both in the cell and the formula line (cell A4 entered from cell)

Just to add for clarity, under Settings Language is English (United Kingdom) and Formats is France.